First outcome study published

Atherosclerosis imaging with ultrasound improves ASCVD risk prediction when compared to PROCAM in middle aged healthy subjects in Germany. Our study published in Cardiology research in June 2020 found that using a test for discrimination (ROC) significantly improved from 0.82 to 0.90 (p<0.0001). ROC Analysis in N=2’508 healthy subjects

Arteris Cardiovascular Outcome (ARCO) cohort study

Arteris Cardiovascular Outcome (ARCO) cohort study: carotid atherosclerotic burden significantly improves PROCAM and SCORE in middle aged subjects Abstract Background There are few data about the predictive value of atherosclerosis imaging beyond traditional risk calculators. Method We compared PROCAM and SCORE with carotid ultrasound (total plaque area, TPA) and arterial age (AA) was calculated in … Read more

Largest database of central Europe

We have collected healthy individual data from over 8’000 persons over the last few years. The data were collected in the Olten area in Switzerland and in the Koblenz area in Germany. From this huge amount of information we are now able to contribute scientific papers about the need for gathering additional information about an … Read more