In this section we give a short overview over the most important work from VARIFO and others


First description of CAC measurements in Switzerland (pdf).

First comparison of CAC with TPA (pdf)
TPA validation study on coronary risk using posterior probabilities and a canadian primary care cohort (pdf).
TPA post test risk and coronary risk factors in 1500 Swiss subjects (pdf)
Arterial Age as a Modificator for Coronary Risk Charts (pdf)

TPA Outcome Studies World Wide

Spence Cohort 2002 (pdf).
Tromso Study myocardial infarction 2007 (pdf)
Tromso Study stroke 2011 (pdf)
Chinese Study myocardial infarction 2011 (pdf)
Tromso Study myocardial infarction 2014 (pdf)

National Taskforce on Atherosclerosis Imaging

In this taskforce, Michel Romanens, MD is the coordinator since 2006. Several studies and overviews have been published that can be accessed on an external website. More…